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Keep It In York County is sponsored by York County Economic Development Authority, in partnership with York County-based merchants and business owners.

In York County, over 95% of businesses are considered “small businesses” under the state’s definition. These businesses are the lifeblood of our local economy. They employ thousands of local residents and support hundreds of community organizations. They pay a significant portion of all local taxes, thus reducing the burden for citizens, and they give back to the community in countless other ways.

In a small, semi-rural locality such as York County, it is especially important for everyone, including businesses, government, and residents to attempt to Buy Local whenever possible, and to support the local business that, in turn, directly support them. The purpose of this website is to encourage citizens and visitors to Buy Local, thus keeping their money within our community, and supporting our local business base. It does so by providing a one-stop shop for finding local businesses and by explaining the reasons that buying local directly benefits them and their community. The site also hosts a community calendar, to help promote local events, sales, and specials.

We hope you enjoy browsing this website and that you find it to be a helpful resource in finding local businesses, events, and special offers. Support your community and Keep It In York County!


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For additional information on York County’s involvement contact:

York County Economic Development




For business listing information, visit the Advertising page or contact:

Melissa Davidson